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May 26, 2014 (Monday)
R-01 M. Kobayashi Impacts of 3D magnetic field structure on boundary & divertor plasmas in stellarator/heliotron devices
I-01 A. Scarabosio Scaling of the divertor power spreading (S-factor) in open and closed divertor operation in JET and ASDEX Upgrade
O-01 R.J. Goldston Implications of the heuristic drift SOL model
I-02 M.A. Makowski Relationship between divertor heat flux width and critical pressure gradient limits on DIII-D
O-02 A. Loarte MHD stability of the ITER pedestal and SOL plasma and its influence on the heat flux width
O-03 P. Ricci First-principle theory-based scaling of the SOL width in limited tokamak plasmas and comparison with experiments
O-04 J. Horacek Narrow heat flux channels in the COMPASS limiter scrape-off layer
O-05 P.C. Stangeby Power deposition on the DIII-D inner wall limiter
I-03 N.S. Klimov Plasma facing materials performance under ITER-relevant mitigated disruption photonic heat loads
I-04 Th. Loewenhoff Impact of combined transient plasma/heat loads on tungsten performance
O-06 S. Bardin Evolution of transient melt damaged tungsten under ITER-relevant divertor plasma heat loading
O-07 X. Liu Experimental and numerical simulation of ELMs-like transient damage behaviors to different grade tungsten and tungsten alloys
May 27, 2014 (Tuesday)
R-02 S. Brezinsek Plasma-surface interaction in the Be/W environment: conclusions drawn from the JET-ILW for ITER
I-05 R. Ding Material migration studies on EAST-MAPES and implications for ITER
O-08 D. Matveev Deposition of tungsten and carbon at local plasma-shadowed areas in TEXTOR test limiter experiments
O-09 K. Sugiyama Erosion study of Fe-W mixed layer towards assessment of RAFM steel as plasma-facing material
I-06 K. Schmid Quantitative modeling of fuel retention in the JET-C and JET-ILW wall configurations by WallDyn and predictions for ITER
I-07 Z.S. Hartwig Fuel retention measurements on Alcator C-Mod using Accelerator-based In-situ Material Surveillance
O-10 K. Heinola Fuel retention in JET ITER-Like Wall from post-mortem analysis
O-11 G. Meisl Nitrogen migration and retention in ASDEX Upgrade
O-12 I. Lyublinski Lithium capillary-pore systems as solution of plasma facing materials problem for fusion reactors
I-08 J.W. Coenen ELM induced W melting and its impact on tokamak operation
I-09 N. Fedorczak Tungsten sources and transport control in JET-ILW H-modes
O-13 M. Wirtz Impact of combined hydrogen and transient heat load exposure on the performance of tungsten as PFM
O-14 J.H. Yu Transient heating effects on tungsten: enhanced fuzz growth and Be-W alloying
O-15 M. Sertoli Impact of W events and dust on JET-ILW operation
O-16 M. Shoji Analysis of the three-dimensional trajectories of dusts observed with a stereoscopic fast framing camera in the Large Helical Device
May 28, 2014 (Wednesday)
R-03 M. Wischmeier High density divertor operation for reactor-relevant power exhaust
I-10 M. Tokitani Plasma wall interaction in long pulse helium discharge in LHD ~ Microscopic modification of wall surface and its impact on particle balance and impurity generation ~
O-17 A. Huber Density Limit of H-mode plasmas on JET
O-18 E. Kolemen Heat flux management via advanced magnetic divertor configurations and divertor detachment
I-11 A.E. Hubbard Edge particle transport and heat flux in stationary high-confinement regimes without large ELMs
I-12 L. Wang Active control of divertor heat and particle fluxes in EAST towards advanced steady atate operations
I-13 L.R. Baylor ELM mitigation with pellet ELM triggering and implications for PFCs and plasma performance in ITER
O-19 A.J. Thornton ELM mitigation via rotating resonant magnetic perturbations on MAST
O-20 J.S. Hu ELM mitigation with supersonic molecular beam and pellet injections on EAST
May 29, 2014 (Thursday)
R-04 B.D. Wirth Challenges and opportunities of modeling plasma surface interactions in tungsten through high-performance computing
I-14 A.M. Ito Molecular dynamics research on formation mechanism of tungsten nanostructure induced by helium plasma irradiation
O-21 A. Lasa Multi-scale modelling of tungsten fuzz formation under helium irradiation
O-22 U. von Toussaint First-passage kinetic Monte Carlo study of hydrogen transport in damaged tungsten
I-15 A. Kirschner Modelling of the material transport and layer formation in the divertor of JET: comparison of ITER-like wall with full carbon wall conditions
I-16 D. Carralero Implications of high density operation on SOL transport: a multimachine investigation
O-23 T. Lunt EMC3-Eirene simulations of particle- and energy fluxes to main chamber- and divertor plasma facing components in ASDEX Upgrade compared to experiments
O-24 C. Colin Impact of the plasma-wall contact position on edge turbulent transport and poloidal asymmetries in 3D global turbulence simulations
O-25 J.R. Harrison Filamentary transport in the private flux region in MAST and correlations with density e-folding widths
I-17 F. Reimold Experimental studies and modeling of complete H-mode divertor detachment in ASDEX Upgrade
I-18 A. Järvinen Interpretation of radiative divertor studies with impurity seeding in type-I ELMy H-mode plasmas in JET-ILW using EDGE2D/EIRENE
O-26 A.G. McLean Electron pressure balance in the SOL through the transition to detachment measured with Thomson scattering at the midplane and divertor
O-27 L. Aho-Mantila Validated model-based radiation scalings for the ITER-like divertors of JET and ASDEX Upgrade
O-28 V.A. Soukhanovskii Radiative Snowflake divertor configuration studies in DIII-D
O-29 S.N. Pandya Evolution of radiation profiles during detached plasmas and radiative collapse in LHD
May 30, 2014 (Friday)
R-05 M. Lehnen Disruptions in ITER and strategies for their control and mitigation
I-19 C. Reux Runaway beam studies during disruptions at JET-ILW
O-30 S. Morita Role of stochastic magnetic field layer on edge impurity transport of metallic materials in Large Helical Device
O-31 L. Colas Localized Scrape-Off Layer density modifications by Ion Cyclotron near fields in JET L-mode plasmas with ITER-Like Wall
I-20 D. Douai Wall conditioning for ITER: current experimental and modeling activities
O-32 J.G. Bak Investigation of SOL parameters and heat flux in divertor from electric probe measurements in KSTAR
O-33 P. Tamain Investigation of the influence of divertor recycling on global plasma confinement in JET
O-34 T. Nakano Comparison of Ne and Ar seeded radiative divertor plasmas in JT-60U
O-35 S. Potzel Formation of the high density front in the inner far SOL at ASDEX Upgrade and JET
O-36 D. Reiter Tokamak edge transport studies using the PSI-2 linear plasma device