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Social Programme

1. Welcome Recpetion

Monday, 26 May, 2014
Time: 19:30
Location: Gojukken-Nagaya in Kanazawa Castle
(Free shuttle-bus service is available from the conference site)

2. Conference Dinner
Thursday, 29 May, 2014
Time: 20:00
Location: ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Kanazawa
(Neighboring building of the conference site)

3. Excursion
Date: Wednesday,
28 May, 2014
Time: 14:00
1,500 Yen

Three courses of tours are offered for the participants. A participation fee must be paid via online registration to join a tour. An accompanying person can join a tour by paying an additional fee.
Please note: Each excursion has a maximum capacity and once all seats are booked, the tour will be closed for registration.

Option A: Kanazawa-city tour (duration: 3hr 45min)
The origin of Kanazawa-city dates back to 16th century when a Buddhism temple was settled. The city flourished from 17th to 19th as the capital city of Kaga-Han. The city escaped the ravage of the World War II and beautiful streets and houses with traditional style are preserved. The tour visits Kenrokuen, Kanazawa-castle park and Omi-cho Market.

Option B: Shirakawa-go tour (duration: 4hr 30min) SOLD-OUT
Shirakawa-go is located in a mountainous region that was cut off from the rest of the world for a long period of time. The large houses with their steeply pitched thatched roofs are the only examples of their kind in Japan. The village with the Gassho-style houses subsisted on the cultivation of mulberry trees and the rearing of silkworms. Their traditional way of life was perfectly adapted to the environment and people's social and economic circumstances.

Option C: Eihei-ji tour (duration: 4hr 30min) SOLD-OUT
Eihei-ji is one of famous Zen-temples and located deep in mountains. It was founded in 13th century by Dogen for the place of ascetic training. He devoted himself to training his followers in the perfection of Zen practice in every action of daily life. A monk and an English translater guide us in Eihei-ji.

4. Programme for accompanying persons
Three Kanazawa-city tours with an English guide and a staff of the PSI are offered on 26(Mon.), 27(Tues.) and 29(Thur.) May. Registration is necessary to join the tours by
send the registration form given bellow to Kawamura <kawamura.gakushi@nifs.ac.jp> till 5th May. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please note: Food for vegetarians is not available during tours. Only Japanese yen in cash is acceptable for the payments.

Name of the participant to the conference:

Name of the contact person:
E-mail address:

Name1: (given name) (surname)
Adult: yes or no
Age: (Let me know if he/she is a child. Discount tickets may be available for a person under a specific age.
Tour on 26 May: yes or no
Tour on 27 May: yes or no
Tour on 29 May: yes or no

Adult: yes or no
Age: (let me know to get discount tickets if he/she is a child)
Tour on 26 May: yes or no
Tour on 27 May: yes or no
Tour on 29 May: yes or no

Please use a copy of the above form, if more persons wish to join.

1. 9:00-11:45, 26 Monday: A half-day tour of old streets and 'samurai' houses.
We take a walk in Nagamachi district where many traditional style houses are preserved along old streets with a historic atmosphere of the 'samurai' age. We visit the 'samurai' house of Nomura-ke and experience their life-style and culture. After coming back to the conference site, persons who wish have Sushi lunch together near the station.
Participation fee: 950 yen + lunch (1000 - 2000 yen if you join).

9:00 Explaining and charging a participaton fee at Ongakudo
9:30 Starting from Ongakudo
10:00 Walking in Nagamachi District
10:45 Visiting Nomura-ke
11:15 Moving to Ongakudo
11:45 Arriving at Ongakudo (one can leave the tour without lunch)
12:00 Lunch at Morimori Sushi

2. 9:00-17:00, 27 Tuesday: One-day tour of traditional places and gold leaf handicrafts.
We visit a famous Japanese garden Kenrokuen and take a walk in traditional districts with many cha-ya halls. 'Cha-ya' is a place of feasts and entertainment by 'Geisha' who entertains guests by performing Japanese traditional dances and playing traditional musical instruments. We visit a cha-ya hall Shima and look into rooms for guests and geisha. After visiting the cha-ya, we make chopsticks or a dish decorated with gold leaf. Japanese food Lunch and coffee break are included.
Participation fee: 1150 yen + handicrafts(600 or 900 yen) + lunch (1000 - 1800 yen) + break (300 - 600 yen).

9:00 Explaining and charging a participation fee at Ongakudo
9:30 Starting from Ongakudo
10:00 Visiting Kenrokuen
11:00 Moving to Kazue-machi District
11:15 Walking in Kazue-mach District
11:45 Lunch at Tsuboya Tsubotei
13:00 Moving from Kazue-machi District to Higashi Cha-ya Distric
13:15 Visiting Shima
13:45 Walking in Higashi Cha-ya District
14:15 Coffee break and shopping at Hakuichi
14:45 Gold leaf museum at Sakuda
15:15 Experiencing gold leaf handicrafts at Sakuda
16:30 Moving to Ongakudo
17:00 Arriving at Ongakudo

3. 9:00-12:15, 29 Thursday: A half day tour of a contemporary art museum and traditional silk dyeing handicrafts.
We visit the 21st century museum of contemporary art and, then experience Kaga-Yuzen silk dyeing of a handkerchief. After coming back to the conference site, persons who wish have Japanese food lunch together near the station.
Participation fee: 750 yen + handicrafts (1620 yen) + lunch (900 - 1500 yen if you join).

9:00 Explaining and charging a participation fee at Ongakudo
9:30 Starting from Ongakudo
10:00 Visiting 21st century museum
11:00 Experiencing Kaga-Yuzen silk dyeing
12:00 Moving to Ongakudo
12:15 Arriving at Ongakudo (one can leave the tour without lunch)
12:30 Lunch at Ekinokura

5. Football game

PSI Football Match
  • Date: Wednesday May 28
  • Time: 15:00 - 17:00
  • Place: Hokuriku University football park (30min. by bus from Kanazawa station)
  • Contact Person: Nobuyuki Asakura (asakura.nobuyuki@jaea.go.jp)

The idea for a PSI Allstar foot ball team was born in 2002, when the last day of the 15th PSI Conference in Gifu coincided with the opending day of the 2002 Japan-South Korea World Cup. A match was organized against a local Japanese team and followed by dinner and drinks around a big screen to watch the opening World Cup game. The event was a great success. Since then, the game has become a PSI Conference tradition. It is our pleasure to host 7th PSI football match in Kanazawa, Japan.
The PSI team is open to all participants, young and old and will this year play against a Japan team made up of Japanese participants at the conference. Enough players have already been signed up to make an Allstar team, but more are welcome. Anyone interested should contact Nobuyuki Asakura (for the Japan team and local organization) and Richard Pitts (PSI team).

  Player generation is quite broad. If you try to join either team or cheer players, please contact to Richard and me (Asakura).


PSI (year and place)


Home team

2002 Gifu (Japan)


4 (NIFS team)

2004 Portland (USA)


2PSI USA East + local team

2006 HefeiChina


3 (PSI China + ASIPP team)

2008 Toledo (Spain)


1 (PSI Spain + local team)

2010 San Diego(USA)


5PSI USA West + local team

2012 Aachen (Germany)


2PSI Germany + Jülich team

2014 Kanazawa (Japan)


 PSI Japan + local team


This years’game will be played on a standard size, artificial good pitch at the Hokuriku University football park in the Kanazawa City,about 30 min. by bus from Kanazawa-station.
The following links provide more information on the venue:

 English page of University: http://iec.hokuriku-u.ac.jp/ (no English map)

 Football park (Japanese page only):http://www.hokuriku-u.ac.jp/establishment/football/index.html        

 Access to Hokuriku University (Japanese page only):http://www.hokuriku-u.ac.jp/basic/access/index.html

 Campus map and football park (Japanese page only):http://www.hokuriku-u.ac.jp/basic/campus/index.html


Football strips will not be provided this time, so PSI team players should please equip themselves with a red football shirt or equivalent. Japanese team players please make sure to bring a white or blue shirt. Red (PSI) and blue (Japan) bibs will be provided by the organizers. Please also make sure to come along with all the rest of the normal football kit (note that standard football studs are acceptable for the artificial surface).

Fluids (water, sports drinks) will be provided by the local organizers.


The match will take place on Wednesday afternoon of the conference (at the same time as the regular conference excursions). A bus will be provided for the trip to the University. Players should gather in front of the main conference hall according to the schedule below. Note that the football bus will depart earlier than the Excursion tour buses).


13:45 Bus departs from conference hall (Kanazawa station):
Note: bus will park on the narrow load between Ongakudo and ANA Crown Plaza hotel a little before 13:45.

14:15 Arrive at Hokuriku University football park.

15:10 Kick-off (field is available for us from 15:00)
first half (45min) – (10min) - second half (45min)

16:50 Shower and change in club house.

17:30 Bus departs

18:00 Arrive near Kanazawa station – an evening for the players is being planned for those who wish to take part