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Many hotels are around Kanazawa station. Room rates are
4,000-15,000 yen.

Hotel information and Hotel Web:
To find out hotel list (WEB booking) in Kanazawa city, you can visit useful web sites from the banners below. Please note that the accommodation fee is possibly different between web sites. We recommend to access some internet travel websites for booking the hotel.

(1) Kanazawa City Tourisim Association(castle figure):
Then go to ACCOMMODATIONS at the right upper corner, http://www.kanazawa-tourism.com/eng/lodging/lodging1.php
then you can choose hotels from Musashigatsuji, Owari-cho, and around Kanazawa Station (Musashigatsuji and Owari-cho areas are more than 500m walk or bus-ride).

(2) JTB (Japan Travel Bureau):
Six hotels near the conference site are offered by JTB Corporation. All the hotels have English service, free Internet access and breakfast

(3) Hotels, Ryokan, JAPANiCAN.com:
Please click "Map" at the right upper corner to fine hotel locations.

(4) Others:
Kanazawa advice from
real travelers