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Manuscript Preparation and Submission

Welcome to the manuscript preparation page for the International Conference on Plasma Surface Interactions 2014 for refereed publication in the Journal of Nuclear Materials (JNM). The deadline for manuscript submission is extended from May 27th to June 20th, 2014. Different from past conferences, all manuscript submission and review are handled online. No submission of hard copies is necessary.

All manuscripts must be typed on A4 paper with double line spacing throughout. Borders should be 2.5 cm on all sides. Be sure to indicate the page number at the bottom of each page. All elements listed below should be included in sequence. See example.

Manuscript preparation checklist:

1.    Cover Letter Preparation (Excel): Necessary information of the authors, etc. and to determine whether or not the paper is within the maximum length limit. This form must be submitted with your paper.

2.    Manuscript Preparation (Word (recommended) / LateX): Acceptable lengths for "plenary papers" (8 pages), "invited papers" (6 pages), and "orals/posters" (4 pages).

In order to be considered for publication in the conference proceedings, all manuscripts must adhere to the specifications listed here. For more detailed guidance on manuscript style, please see the Journal of Nuclear Materials' Guide for Authors.

I(a). The following must appear on the first page (Page 1) of each manuscript:

  1. Paper Number: Show paper number (e.g. P2-056) in the upper right corner. 14 point Times font, bold.
  2. Title: 14 point Times bold font, centered at the top of the page. Capitalize the first letter of the first word and leave the remaining letters in lower-case.
  3. Author list: Centered in 12 point Times font. Use letter superscripts (a,b,c) to indicate affiliations. Use bold face text for the presenting author’s name. Use an asterisk superscript (*) to indicate the corresponding author (the author who will handle all communications regarding the manuscript).
  4. Affiliations: 11 point Times italicized font, centered on page, beginning with appropriate superscripts (a,b,c).
  5. Abstract: 12 point Times font, left and right justified. NOTE: 150 words maximum!
  6. PACS: List up to four Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme (PACS) codes.
  7. PSI-21 Keywords: List up to five keywords from the PSI-21 keywords link. If no appropriate keyword can be found, you may suggest one new topical keyword, at most.
  8. Corresponding Author Address: Indicate full mailing address for manuscripts.
  9. Corresponding Author e-mail: Indicate e-mail address for all correspondence regarding the manuscript.
  10. Presenting Author: Indicate the full name of the author who presents the paper at the conference.
  11. Presenting Author e-mail: Indicate the e-mail address of the presenting author.

I(b). Begin the main part of the paper on page 2. Use 12 point times font, left and right justified, as well as double-spaced throughout.

  1. Body of paper: Details of JNM requirements and writing conventions can be found here: Journal of Nuclear Materials’ Guide for Authors Do not embed any figures in the body of the paper!
  2. Equations: All equations should be clearly typed and all quantities defined. Each displayed equation should be numbered for easy reference.
  3. Acknowledgements.
  4. References: Use form appropriate for Journal of Nuclear Materials. (Again, see the JNM site for more details.) Example: [1] I. Newton, H. Alfven, J. Nucl. Mater. 1-2 (1803) 160-166.
  5. Figure Captions: Separated from the figures.
  6. Figures: One figure per page following the text of the paper, with figure number indicated. Scale figure size on page, considering that it has to fit in a single (75 mm) or double (160 mm) journal column width. Font size in scaled figures should be greater than 8 pt. Colour figures should be avoided if not necessary, as extra charges will be due to the publisher. The additional colour charge is the responsibility of the first author and/or his institution. JNM has detailed instructions on artwork and figures.

II. Manuscript Length

It is essential that papers conform to the size limit, as the number of pages in the proceedings is strongly limited. Do compute the length of the manuscript (number of journal pages) according to the algorithm found here (in Cover letter form(Excel)). Because paper length expands during the review process, we ask that you limit the number of journal pages (total) for your submission at the beginning of the conference to:

  • Oral and poster presentations – 539 lines (nominal length: 4 pages)
  • Invited presentations – 824 lines (nominal length: 6 pages)
  • Review presentation – 1014 lines (nominal length: 8 pages)

We strongly advise to adhere to these limits. The paper will not be accepted for review if it is longer than the limits.

III. Manuscript Submission

The manuscript submission is handled online via the Elsevier Editorial System (EES). To submit your paper, please login as author at the website located at: http://ees.elsevier.com/jnm/default.asp

You must be registered in the EES for you to login. If you have not yet registered, please click on the “register” link in the headings or follow the link below

Once logged in, please follow the following procedure:

(1)  Select “Submit New Manuscript” under New Submissions section.

(2)  Choose either to “Link to ORCID” or “Cancel” (optional)

(3)  Select “Special Issue: PSI 2014” under Article type. It is important that authors correctly select this choice to ensure that all manuscripts are correctly submitted to the special issue.

(4)  Enter the FULL title of your submission.

(5)  Enter the details of ALL authors.

(6)  Select the appropriate Classifications.

(7)  Choose whether to publish Open Access (optional). If Open Access is selected, the additional costs are payable by the authors. PSI registration fee does not cover this cost.

(8)  For Word submission (recommended), upload files for both (a) Cover letter form (excel) and (b) Manuscript (Word). For LaTex submission (no style files are provided from the PSI committe), follow the instruction "LaTeX submissions". Please type in your presentation ID in the Description box for both Cover letter and Manuscript. Example, “Cover Letter P1-001” and “Manuscript P1-001”.

(9)  Confirm the files are numbered in the following order (1) Cover Letter (2) Manuscript, while the description correctly includes your presentation ID, and the correct files have been attached before proceeding.

Note: Different from past conferences, no submission of hard copies is necessary.