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Access to Kanazawa

1. Domestic flight from Narita (Tokyo) or Haneda (Tokyo) to Komatsu is the easiest way to Kanazawa:
But there is one flight (see Page 3-5): you will wait for evening flight (18:50).
After arriving Komatsu airport, use connection bus to Kanazawa station.
If you can not wait until the flight or any problem in the domestic flight,
You will move by Airport Limousine bus to Haneda airport, and use frequent flights to Komatsu. (see Page 3-5).

1-2. Domestic flight from Haneda (Tokyo) to Komatsu is the easiest way to Kanazawa if you find appropriate international flight directly to Haneda:

     You can use frequent flights to Komatsu (see Page 3-5).
We find some flights from Frankfurt, Paris, London, Munich, and several flights from China (Shanghai, Beijing) and Korea (Seoul). From US (Los Angels, San Francisco, Vancouver, Seattle, JFK), arrival is mostly night.
It is easy to access to major train stations for Shinkansen:
(T1) Joetsu Shinkansen at JR Tokyo/Ueno (to Echigo-Yuzawa), (see Page 6-7) OR
(T2) Shinkansen Hikari at JR Shinagawa/Tokyo (to Maibara), (see Page 8-9).


1-3. In the case of flight problem or hoping to use trains from Narita:

 You will buy train tickets at JR Narita airport station, and use Keisei skyliner (to Ueno) & take T1-route (see Page 6-7) OR Narita express (to Shinagawa/Tokyo) & T2-route (see Page 8-9).

2. From Osaka Int. (Total 3.5-4 hours): If your international flight is convenient to Osaka/Kansai-Int. Express train (Thunderbird) goes directly from Osaka station to Kanazawa station. (see Page 10-12)
We find appropriate flight from Frankfurt, Paris, Roma, Amsterdam, Helsinki (each arrives morning), SanFrancisco, Seattle, JFK(each arrives afternoon), many flights from China (Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, others), Korea (Seoul, Pusan).

3. From Nagoya Int. (Total 3.5-4 hours): If your international flight is convenient to Nagoya/Centrair-Int.  Express train (Shirasagi) goes directly from Nagoya station to Kanazawa station(or use Shinkansen Hikari between Nagoya and Maibara) (see Page 13-15)
We find appropriate flight from Frankfurt, Helsinki (arrives morning), Detloit (arrives 6:05pm), many flights from China (Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, others) and Korea (Seoul, Pusan).


Additional information by direct "Noriai" (Rideshare) taxi or shuttle service from airports (need reservation):

Direct share taxi between Kanazawa and Osaka Kanku & Nagoya Chubu Centrair airports (http://chuokoutu.com/air.html Japanese HP: 7200-7900 yen/person, >2 people) ,

Direct private shuttle between Kanazawa and Nagoya Chubu Centrair 

If you are interested, please contact to us.

Transportations from Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya to Kanazawa:

Following basic information does not include transportation between airport and station, and time table.
Please check your international flight schedule to Tokyo/Osaka/Nagoya
Access to KANAZAWA

Information of Komatsu airport:




Information of airport limousine timetable (To Kanazawa station):