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Abstract submission closed.

Abstract submission
Participants are invited to submit abstracts as contribution to this conference. Please select the topical category and submit a one-page A4 abstract through the abstract submission web site by December 9, 2013. The International Program Committee will select the papers on the basis of the submitted abstracts. Authors will be notified of acceptance of abstracts and assignment of their papers by February 14, 2014. The accepted abstracts will be posted on the conference web site.

Abstract format (template abstract: PDF, WORD, LaTEX)
The requested format for the submitted abstract is a standard PDF file. The page setup is A4 with a top margin of 4.00 cm, and a 2.54 cm margin on left, right, and bottom of the page. The body of the abstract should be in Times Roman 12 point type with single line spacing. Use justified margins. Please define acronyms when they are first used. A single space following a period works best. The title of the abstract should be bold in Times Roman 14 point type and the affiliations italic in 10 point type. Your abstract length is limited to 1 page. When citing references in the body of the abstract, please use square brackets around the number, for instance [1] (example below). Funding information (if necessary) should appear at the bottom of the page as a footnote in 10 pt Times Roman.

[1] A.B. Example, et al., J. Nucl. Mater. 231-234 (2006) 330.