Poster Session 2

Tuesday 27th May – Poster Session 2 (Poster room: Interchange Hall)


Effect of pre-irradiation of argon ions on the synergistic irradiation of helium and deuterium in tungsten

F. Liu, S. Peng, H. Ren, Z. Long, W. Han, Z. Chen, J. Yu, Y. Cai, H. Feng, K. Zhu


High heat-flux self-rotating plasma-facing component: concept and loading test in TEXTOR

A. Terra, G. Sergienko, M. Hubeny, A. Huber, Ph. Mertens, V. Philipps and the TEXTOR team


Mitigation of the divertor heat loads in DEMO reactor by impurity seeding

I. Ivanova-Stanik, R. Zagórski


Surface morphology and deuterium retention in tungsten exposed to high flux D plasma at high temperatures

Y.Z. Jia, H.Y. Xu, G. De Temmerman, G.-N. Luo, C. Li, B.Q. Fu, W. Liu


Effects of helium bombardment on hydrogen retention properties in F82H steel

N. Ashikawa, H. Zhou, Y. Yamauchi, N.Yoshida, Y. Nobuta, T. Muroga


Temperature impact on W surface exposed to He plasma in LHD and its consequences for the material properties

E. Bernard, R. Sakamoto, N. Yoshida, H. Yamada


Interaction of a Tin-based capillary porous structure with ITER/DEMO relevant plasma conditions

T.W. Morgan, D.C.M. van den Bekerom, G. De Temmerman


Hydrogen and helium partial pressure measurement by the penning gauge spectroscopy on LHD

H. Funaba, M. Kobayashi, S. Masuzaki, T. Morisaki, N. Ashikawa, G. Motojima, J. Miyazawa,

R. Sakamoto, M. Shoji, M. Tokitani, H. Kasahara, H. Yamada, K. Ida and LHD Experiment Group


Impurity deposition and damage accumulation on a material probe in the GAMMA10 Tandem Mirror

S. Nagata, Y. Nakashimaa, K. Hosoib, K. Ichimurab, H. Takedab, M. Iwamotob, Y. Hosodab,

M. Sakamotoa, T. Imaia, M. Ichimuraa, Y. Ishikawac, T. Shikama


Effect of steady magnetic field on laser-induced breakdown spectroscopic characterization of EAST-like wall materials

R. Hai, P. Liu, Q. Xiao, D. Wu, H. Ding


Influence of stray light for divertor spectroscopy in ITER

S. Kajita, E. Veshchev, S. Lisgo, H. Ogawa, T. Sugie, R. Barnsley, M. Walsh


Plasma cleaning of ITER first mirrors in magnetic field

L. Moser, R. Steiner, R. Reichle, F. Leipold, L. Marot, E. Meyer


Scrape-off layer ion temperature measurements at the divertor target during type I and type III ELMs in MAST

S. Elmore, S. Y. Allan, A. Kirk, G. Fishpool, P. Tamain, M. Kočanb and the MAST Team


A multi-scale study from extreme-fine grained to large-grain tungsten to elucidate radiation tolerance in fusion plasma-surface interactions

S. Gonderman, G. De Temmerman, T. Morgan, J.P. Allain


Experimental studies of First mirror exposure and surface recovery on EAST

R. Yan, R. Ding, J. Chen, L. Chen


Final case for a stainless steel Diagnostic First Wall on ITER

R.A. Pitts, B.Bazylev, J. Linke, I. Landman, M. Lehnen, Th. Loewenhoff, M. Merola, R. Roccella,

G. Saibene, M. Smith, D. Loesser, V.S. Udintsev


Preliminary design of snowflake divertor of CFETR

S.F. Mao, Y. Guo, X.B. Peng, Z.P. Luo, D.M. Yao, Y.T. Song, B. J. Xiao, M.Y. Ye


Status of technology R&D for the ITER tungsten divertor monoblock

T. Hirai, F. Escourbiac, V. Barabash, A. Durocher, A. Fedosov, L. Ferrand, T. Jokinen, V. Komarov,

M. Merola, S. Carpentier-Chouchana, N. Arkhipov, V. Kuznetsov, S. Suzuki, B. Riccardi


A novel approach to magnetic divertor configuration design

M. Baelmans, M. Blommaerta, W. Dekeyser, N.R. Gaugerb, D. Reiter


Particle and energy transport in NSTX Scrape-off Layer plasmas

T.K. Gray, J.M. Canik, M.A. Jaworski, A.G. McLean, R. Maingi, J-W. Ahn, R. Kaita, M. Ono, F. Scotti, V.A. Soukhanovskii and the NSTX Team


Modeling NSTX snowflake divertor physics

E.T. Meier, V.A. Soukhanovskii, R.E. Bell, A. Diallo, R. Kaita, B.P. LeBlanc, A.G. McLean, M. Podesta, T.D. Rognlien, F. Scotti


Measurement of transient heat and particle loads in NAGDIS-PG

D. Sato, N. Ohno, M. Osaka, S. Kajita, Y. Kikuchi


The combined effects of magnetic asymmetry, assembly and manufacturing tolerances on the plasma heat load to the ITER first wall

R. Mitteau, P. Stangeby, H. Labidi, R. Bruno, R. Raffray


D retention in molten W and W-La2O3 induced by high heat flux

Y. Yuan, P. Wang, H. Greuner, B. Böswirth, D.R. Zou, G.-N. Luo, G.-H. Lu, W. Liu


Combination of helical ferritic-steel inserts and flux-tube-expansion divertor for the heat control in tokamak DEMO reactor

T. Takizuka, S. Tokunaga, K. Hoshino, K. Shimizu, N. Asakura


Influence of the particle transport in the private region on the divertor plasma detachment

K. Hoshino, K. Shimizu, T. Takizuka, N. Asakura, T. Nakano


Divertor load footprint of ELMs in pellet triggering and pacing experiments at JET

D. Frigione, L. Garzotti, M. Lennholm, B. Alper, G. Artaserse, P. Bennett, T. Eich, G. Kocsis, P.T. Lang,

R. Mooney, M. Rack, G. Sips, G. Tvalashvili, D. Wilkes and JET-EFDA Contributors


The effect of resonant magnetic perturbations on the snowflake divertor

I. Joseph, O. Schmitz, V.A. Soukhanovskii, M.V. Umansky


Contributions and challenges of spectroscopy in the understanding of divertor physics in magnetic fusion devices

M. Koubiti, M. Goto, T. Nakano


Modeling of tokamak divertor plasma for weakly collisional parallel electron transport

M.V. Umansky, A.M. Dimits, I. Joseph, T.D. Rognlien


Comparison of deuterium species distribution obtained from experiment PISCES-A and numerical simulation using B2-EIRENE

C. Brandt, R.P. Doerner, P. Börner, D. Reiter


Analysis of FAST snowflake divertor by EDGE2D/EIRENE

B. Viola, V. Pericoli Ridol
ni, G. Corrigan, D. Harting, G. Maddaluno, N. Visona, R. Zag


Vacuum ultraviolet spectroscopy in detached plasmas with impurity gas seeding in LHD

C. Suzuki, I. Murakami, T. Akiyama, S. Masuzaki, and LHD Experiment Group


Multi-pin Langmuir probe measurement for identification of blob propagation characteristics in the Large Helical Device

H. Tanaka, S. Masuzaki, N. Ohno, T. Morisaki, Y. Tsuji, and LHD Experiment Group


Effects of background plasma characteristics on tungsten impurity transport in the SOL/divertor region using IMPGYRO code

S. Yamoto, Y. Homma, K. Hoshino, Y. Sawada, X. Bonnin, D. Coster, R. Schneider, A. Hatayama


Electromagnetic effects on plasma blob-filaments transport

W. Lee, J.R. Angus, M.V. Umansky, S.I. Krasheninnikov


SOL-divertor plasma simulations introducing anisotropic temperature with virtual divertor model

S. Togo, T. Takizuka, M. Nakamura, K. Hoshino, Y. Ogawa


Non-local parallel transport in BOUT++

J.T. Omotani, B.D. Dudson, E. Havlíčková, M. Umansky


Recent sheath physics studies on DIII-D

J.G. Watkins, B. Labombard, P.C. Stangeby, C.J. Lasnier, A.G. McLean, R. Nygren, J.A. Boedo,

A.W. Leonard, D.L. Rudakov


Intrinsic instabilities in X-Point geometry: a tool to understand and predict the Scrape Off Layer transport in standard and advanced divertors

F. Militello and Y. Liu


Edge plasma physics modifications due to magnetic ripple in RFX-mod

P. Scarin, M. Agostini, L. Carraro, G. Ciaccio, G. De Masi, G. Spizzo, M. Spolaore, N. Vianello


The dependance of cross-field filament transport on resistivity and SOL magnetic geometry

N.R. Walkden, B.D. Dudson, L. Easy, G. Fishpool, J. Leddy, F. Millitello, J.T. Omotani, M. Umansky


Compatibility of detached divertor operation with robust edge pedestal performance

A.W. Leonard, M.A. Makowski, T.H. Osborne, P.B. Snyder


The effect of the Super-X divertor of MAST Upgrade on impurity radiation modelled by SOLPS

E. Havlíčková, M. Wischmeier, G. Fishpool, H. Meyer, B. Lipschultz


Impact of filamentary structure of ELMs on heat flux dynamics in NSTX

J-W. Ahn, K.F. Gan, R. Maingi, A.G. McLean, T.K. Gray, R.E. Bell, B.P. LeBlanc, A.L. Loquemore,

F. Scotti, V.A. Soukhanovskii


EMC3-EIRENE modelling of toroidally-localized divertor gas injection experiments on Alcator C-Mod

J.D. Lore, M.L. Reinke, B. LaBombard, B. Lipschultz, R.A. Pitts, Y. Feng


Radiated power distributions in impurity-seeded plasma in LHD

T. Morisaki, K. Oyamaa, N. Tamura, S. Masuzaki, T. Akiyama, G. Motojima, J. Miyazawa,

M. Kobayashi, B.J. Peterson, N. Ohno, H. Yamada and LHD Experiment Group


Control of high-Z PFC erosion by local gas injection in DIII-D

D.L. Rudakov, P.C. Stangeby, W.R. Wampler, A.G. McLean, J.A. Boedo, C.P. Chrobak, J.D. Elder,

M.E. Fenstermacher, C.J. Lasnier, A.W. Leonard, R. Maingi, R.A. Moyer, J.G. Watkins, C.P.C. Wong


Lithium and carbon sputtering from lithium-coated plasma facing components in the NSTX divertor

F. Scotti, V.A. Soukhanovskii, J-W. Ahn, M.A. Jaworski, A.G. McLean, E.T. Meier, A.L. Roquemore,

R.E. Bell, A. Diallo, S.P. Gerhardt, R. Kaita, B.P. LeBlanc, M. Podestà


Mass spectrometry analysis of impurity seeded discharges in JET-ILW

A. Drenik, M. Oberkofler, D. Alegre, U. Kruezi, S. Brezinsek, M. Mozetič, I. Nunes, M. Wischmeier,

C. Giroud, G. Maddison, and JET EFDA Contributors


Influence of seeding and SOL transport on plasma parameters in JET ITER-Like Wall H-Mode discharges

R. Zagórski, I. Ivanova-Stanik, A. Czarnecka, G. Telesca, S. Brezinsek and JET EFDA contributors


Coupled core-SOL modelling of W accumulation in H-mode plasmas with JET ITER-like wall

V. Parail, G. Corrigan, P. Da Silva Aresta Belo, E. De La Luna, D. Harting, F. Koechl, T. Koskela,

A. Meigs, E. Militello-Asp, M. Romanelli, M. Tsalas and JET-EFDA contributors


Lithium film condensation under conditions relevant to plasma facing components in fusion devices

C. Sandoval-Rios, M. Nieto-Perez, G. Ramos, R. Avalos, D.N. Ruzic


Lithium wall conditioning by high frequency pellet injection in RFX-mod

P. Innocente, M. Agostini, S. Barison, A. Canton, L. Carraro, R. Cavazzana, G. De Masi, A. Fassina,

S. Fiameni, D.K. Mansfield, B. Rais, A.L. Roquemore, P. Scarin


Development of an analytical diffusion model for modeling hydrogen isotope exchange

J.L. Barton, Y.Q. Wang, R.P. Doerner, G.R. Tynan


Influence of helium on hydrogen isotope exchange in tungsten at sequential exposures to deuterium and helium-protium plasmas

N.P. Bobyr, V.Kh. Alimov, B.I. Khripunov, A.V. Spitsyn, Y. Hatano, A.V. Golubeva, V.B. Petrov


Nitrogen removal from plasma-facing components by ICWC discharges

A.G. Carrasco, T. Wauters, P. Petersson, S. Möller, M. Rubel, A. Kreter


Particle Balance Study on KSTAR by 0D Modeling

J.-W. Juhn, J.G. Bak, H.S. Kim, E.N. Bang, S.H. Hong, M.G. Bae, S.B. Shim


Temperature dependence of deuterium retention in tungsten deposits by deuterium ion irradiation

K. Katayama, K. Uehara, H. Date, S. Fukada, H. Watanabe


Deuterium retention in tungsten-coated F82H prepared by sputter deposition

Y. Yamauchi, M. Armando, Y. Nobuta, T. Hino


Revisiting carbon materials as plasma facing materials of a fusion reactor

T. Tanabe


Morphology of plasma-loaded tritium near the surface region of metals

T. Otsuka, M. Higaki, Y. Ogawa, Y. Ishitani


Particle balance in long duration RF driven plasmas on QUEST

K. Hanada, H. Zushi, N. Yoshida, M. Hasegawa, K. Mishra, Kuzumin, K. Nakamura, A. Fujisawa,

H. Idei, Y. Nagashima, O. Watanabe, T. Onchi, H. Watanabe, K. Tokunaga, A. Higashijima, S. Kawasaki,

H. Nakashima, Y. Takase, A. Fukuyama, O. Mitarai, T. Maekawa, M. Peng


Tritium retention and release properties in polycrystalline tungsten

Y. Nobuta, Y. Yamauchi, T. Hino, Y. Hatano, S. Abe, M. Matsuyama


Ammonia production in N seeded plasma discharges in ASDEX Upgrade

V. Rohde, M. Oberkofer, G. Meisl and ASDEX Upgrade Team


Deuterium trapping in ITER grade tungsten: influence of radiation defects, irradiation fluence and plasma impurity

Mf. Barthe, L. Begrambekov, O. Dvoychenkova, Ch. Grisolia, A. Grunin, E.Hodille, A. Kaplevsky,

Ya. Sadovskiy, A. Skripitsyn


Deuterium retention and thermal desorption from self-damaged tungsten

Yu.M. Gasparyan, O.V. Ogorodnikova, V.S. Efimov, A. Mednikov, E.D. Marenkov, A.A. Pisarev,

S. Markelj, I. Čadež


Rate equations modelling for hydrogen inventory studies during a realistic tokamak material thermal cycle

X. Bonnin, E. Hodille , C. Sang , N. Ning, B. Pégourié, Ch. Grisolia


Deuterium penetration in self-damaged tungsten during low-flux plasma loading

T. Schwarz-Selinger, A. Manhard, K. Schmid, W. Jacob


Fuel recycling and natural density in EAST H-mode discharges

Y.W. Yu, J.S. Hu, B. Cao and EAST vacuum group


Deuterium retention in TiC and TaC doped tungsten at high temperatures

M. Zibrov, M. Mayer, L. Gao, S. Elgeti, H. Kurishita, Yu. Gasparyan, A. Pisarev


Detailed study on carbon deposision/mixing layer formation on tungsten and its impact on retention

Y. Hamaji, Y. Torikai, K. Sugiyama, H.T. Lee and Y. Ueda


Effect of thermal irradiation by laser on tungsten tile in DC plasmas

I.J. Kang, S.G. Cho, D.H. Lee, M.K. Bae, J.W. Kim, S.K. Joo, K.-S. Chung


Dust remobilization studies with pre-adhered tungsten plates

P. Tolias, S. Ratynskaia, M. De Angeli, D. Ripamonti, G. Riva, I. Bykov, A. Litnovsky,

G. De Temmerman, N. den Harder


Influence of dust particles on plasma performance observed by fast camera in the HL-2A tokamak

Z.H. Huang, L.W. Yan, J. Cheng, Y. Tomita, N. Ashikawa, G. Kawamura, Q.W. Yang, X.R. Duan

and HL-2A team


Modelling of dust transport in fusion devices with the MIGRAINe code

L. Vignitchouk, P. Tolias, S. Ratynskaia


Dust collection with dc-biased substrates in Large Helical Device

M. Tateishi, K. Koga, D. Yamashita, K. Kamataki, H. Seo, N. Itagaki, M.Shiratani, N. Ashikawa,

S. Masuzaki, K. Nishimura, A. Sagara, and the LHD Experiment Group


Tracer techniques in the assessment of erosion and property modification of plasma-facing components

M. Rubel, P. Petersson, A. Garcia-Carrasco, D. Ivanova, S. Brezinsek, J. Coenen, A. Kreter, S. Möller,

V. Philipps, T. Wauters


Systematic investigation of the formation behavior of helium bubbles in tungsten

M. Miyamoto, S. Mikami, H. Nagashima, N. Iijima, D. Nishijima, R.P. Doerner, N.Yoshida,

H. Watanabeb, Y. Ueda, A. Sagara


Sputtering of W and Al in D2/O2 plasma cleaning discharge

V.L. Bukhovets, A.E. Gorodetsky, R.Kh. Zalavutdinov, A.P. Zakharov, E.E. Mukhin, A.G. Razdobarin


Experimental and atomistic simulation study of carbon, deuterium, and helium impurities in tungsten

M.C. Guenette, S.C. Middleburgh, A. Deslandes, L. Thomsen, C. Corr, G.R. Lumpkin, D.P. Riley


Developments of tungsten wall erosion and transport models for the transient analyses of a fusion reactor at anomaly events

K. Ibano, T. Tsutsui, S. Togo, Y. Ogawa


Blister evolution with fluence and temperature of deuterium plasma exposed tungsten

S. Elgeti, M. Balden, A. Manhard


Surface modifications on toughened, fine-grained, recrystallized tungsten with repetitive ELM-like pulsed plasma irradiation

Y. Kikuchi, I. Sakuma, Y. Kitagawa, Y. Asai, K. Onishi, N. Fukumoto, M. Nagata, Y. Ueda, H. Kurishita


Measurements of gross erosion of Al in the DIII-D divertor

C. Chrobak, P.C. Stangeby, A.W. Leonard, D.L. Rudakov, C.P.C. Wong, A.G. Mclean, G.M. Wright,

D.A. Buchenauer, J.G. Watkins, W.R. Wampler, J.D. Elder, R. Doerner, D. Nishijima, G.R. Tynan


A study of the material migration in LHD

S. Masuzaki, M. Tokitani, N. Yoshida and LHD Experiment Group


Recrystallization of pure W and PS-W by Type-I ELM condition in ITER H-Mode operation

H.-S. Kim, Y. Jin, Sun-Taek Lim, J.Y. Lee, Gon-Ho Kim



Theoretical investigation of cracks formation in tungsten after heat loads

A. Arakcheev, A. Huber, M. Wirtz, G. Sergienko, I. Steudel, A. Burdakov, J.W. Coenen, A. Kreter,

J. Linke, Ph. Mertens, V. Philipps, G. Pintsuk, M. Reinhart, U. Samm, A. Shoshin, B. Schweer,

B. Unterberg, A. Vasilyev


Temperature influence on deuterium retention for Be-W mixed thin films prepared by Thermionic Vacuum Arc method exposed to PISCES B plasma

I. Jepu, R.P. Doerner, M.J. Baldwin, C. Porosnicu, C.P. Lungu


Experimental investigation of vapor shielding effects induced by ELM-like pulsed plasma loads using the double plasma gun device

I. Sakuma, Y. Kikuchi, Y. Kitagawa, Y. Asai, K. Onishi, N. Fukumoto, M. Nagata


Analysis of rotating collectors from the private region of JET with carbon and ITER-like walls

J. Beal, A. Widdowson, A. Baron-Wiechec, K. Heinola, K. Gibson, B. Lipschultz, A. Kirschner, G.F. Matthews


Microscopically nonuniform deposition and deuterium retention in the divertor in JET with ITER-like wall

H. Bergsåker, P. Petersson, I. Bykov, A. Weckmann, G. Possnert, J. Likonen, S. Koivuranta, J.P. Coad,

W. Van Renterghem, I. Uytdenhouwen, A.M. Widdowson and JET EFDA contributors


ELM induced tungsten sputtering in the JET divertor by in- and extrinsic impurities

N. den Harder, S. Brezinsek, G.F. Matthews, S. Marsen, A. Meigs, M.F. Stamp, I. Nunes,

P. Monier-Garbet, L. Aho-Mantila, C. Giroud, G.J. Van Rooij and JET-EFDA contributors


Beryllium migration during JET ITER-Like Wall divertor operation

M.I. Airila, D. Borodin, A. Järvinen, M. Groth, D. Harting, S. Wiesen, A. Kirschner, S. Brezinsek,

K. Lawson, A. Lasa, J.P. Coad, K. Heinola, J. Likonen, M. Rubel, A. Widdowsond

and JET-EFDA Contributors


Co-deposited layers in the divertor region of JET-ILW

P. Petersson, H. Bergsåker, I. Bykov, G. Possnert, J. Likonen, J. Linke, S. Koivuranta, A. Widdowson,

H.G. Esser, M. Rubel and JET-EFDA contributors


Erosion and hydrogen retention of actively cooled tungsten components under high heat flux loading with H/He particles

H. Maier, H. Greuner, M. Balden, B. Böswirth, S. Elgeti, K. Schmid, Th. Schwarz-Selinger


MEMOS code validation on JET transient tungsten melting experiments

B. Bazylev, G. Arnoux, J.W. Coenen, G.F. Matthews, Ph. Mertens, S. Jachmich, M. Clever, R. Dejarnac,

I. Coffey, Y. Corre, S. Devaux, E. Gauthier, J. Horacek, K. Krieger, S. Marsen, A. Meigs, R.A. Pitts,

T. Puetterich, M. Rack, M. Stamp, G. Sergienko, P. Tamain, V. Thompson and JET-EFDA Contributors


Effects of plasma exposure on tritium behavior of long term installed samples on first wall in spherical tokamak QUEST

K. Tokunaga, M. Matsuyama, S. Abe, S. Nagata, B. Tsuchiya, M. Tokitani, K. Araki, T. Fujiwara,

Y. Miyamoto, M. Hasegawa, K. Nakamura, K. Hanada, H. Zushi


Diagnosis of the intermediate species of the laser-wall materials interaction by TOF mass spectrometer

L. Zhang, Q. Xiao, N. Farid, C. Feng, H. Ding


Monte Carlo simulations of evolutionary surface morphology including fractal geometry and dynamic composition changes

K.A. Lindquist, D. Curreli, D.N. Ruzic


Atomistic modeling of growth and coalescence of helium nano-bubbles in tungsten

R.D. Smirnov, S.I. Krasheninnikov, J. Guterl


Molecular dynamics simulation of the formation, growth and burst of bubbles in tungsten exposed to high fluxes of low energy deuterium

S.G. Liu, J.Z. Sun, Z.H. Wang, S.Y. Dai, C.F. Sang, D.Z. Wang


Boron carbide (B4C) coating, deposition and testing

E. Azizov, V. Barsuk, L. Begrambekov, O. Buzhinsky, A. Gordeev, A. Grunin, N. Klimov, V. Kurnaev,

I. Mazul, V. Otroshchenko, A. Putric, Ya. Sadovsky, P. Shigin, S. Vergazov, A. Vlasyuk, A. Zakharow


Analysis of hydrogen adsorption and surface recombination on tungsten using direct recoil spectroscopy

R.D. Kolasinski, K.R. Hammond, D.A. Buchenauer, J.A. Whaley, B.D. Wirth


Differential effect of helium versus neon implantation on tungsten surface evolution

M. Backman, F. Sefta, N. Juslin, K.D. Hammond, B.D. Wirth


The influence of neon or argon impurities on deuterium permeation in tungsten

M. Ishida, H.T. Lee, Y. Ueda


Effect of lithium in the DIII-D SOL and plasma-facing surfaces

G.L. Jackson, C.P. Chrobak, A.G. McLean, R. Maingi, A. Hassanein, D.K. Mansfield, A.L. Roquemore, D.L. Rudakov


Investigations on interactions between the flowing liquid lithium limiter and plasmas

J. Ren, G.Z. Zuo, J.S. Hu, Z. Sun, J.G. Li, L.E. Zakharov, D.N. Ruzic, W. Y. XU


Be-seeded irradiation of W surfaces: material mixing, erosion and effect on D implantation

A. Lasa, K. Heinola, K. Nordlund


Plasma exposure of liquid tin targets in PSI-2 and TEXTOR

B. Unterberg, J.W. Coenen, A. Kreter, V. Philipps, M. Reinhart, G. Sergienko, A. Terra, T. Wegener


Deuterium and oxygen bounding mechanism in boron coating film for graphite wall conditioning in RFX-mod

F. Ghezzi, R. Caniello, A. Canton, P. Innocente, L. Laguardia, B. Rais